Rota for third quarter 2018

Here’s the rota for  third quarter 2018 (July, August, and September) at Trinity Lime Rock!

To access it, simply click below:

Rota for third quarter 2018

If you would like a paper copy and don’t have a printer available, there will shortly be paper copies available at Trinity.

One of our strengths as a parish is the large number of parishioners who take part in our worship, either performing a role during it, or functioning in a support capacity without which the services would simply not be the same.

Thanks to all the volunteers!

Would you like to be in this number?  There is something at Trinity for everyone to do.  Simply speak to Pastor Heidi or to the Verger, Geoff Brown if this is something you would like to explore.

rota for third quarter 2018

The Lector on a recent Sunday at Trinity Lime Rock