Bulletin for April 15

The bulletin for April 15 at Trinity Lime Rock is available for download.

Please click to download it.

04-15-2018 Easter 3 Youth Sun

Sunday will be the Youth Sunday for April, so you may want to download the bulletin and read the readings through ahead of time in case you are a young person and are assigned one to read in church.

Or, you may want to review the way the service runs.

You can download the bulletin now at home, or you can download it at Trinity and follow the service on your personal electronic device.

However you use it, we hope we see you on Sunday at Trinity!

Bulletin for April 15


Bulletin for Sunday November 19

Here’s your bulletin for Sunday, November 19 at Trinity Lime Rock.

This Sunday will be the Youth Sunday for November, when the young people take over most of the roles in the service.  It is always impressive just what a find job they do.

Please feel free to download the bulletin now and review it at home before the service, or, if you feel inclined, download it at Trinity on your personal  electronic device and use it there.


We hope to see you Sunday!