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The Rev. Heidi Truax, Rector

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Past Clergy of Trinity Lime Rock:

(This page is continually under development. We will eventually have pictures of and information about as many of our former clergy as we can.  We would also like to know where our priests came to us from, and what happened to each after his or her tenure at Trinity ended.  Can you provide a picture or more information about one of these servants of God?  We would very much appreciate your help.  Let our webmaster know!)

The Clergy of Trinity Church Tenure at Trinity Position at Trinity Picture
The Rev. William Allen Johnson: (Rector of St. John's Church, Salisbury) 1875-1876 Priest in Charge  
The Rev. A. S. Clark (and other clergymen) 1875-1876 Supply  
The Rev. Millidge Pendrell Walker:  Born in 1850 in New Brunswick, Canada.

More information about Fr. Walker and his family is available in an article in the St. John, New Brunswick, Daily Sun for July 19, 2904, via Google News.

February 27, 1876- November 10, 1884, called to St. Paul's, Bridgeport (now St. Luke's & St. Paul's) 1st Rector The Rev. Milledge Pendrell Walker, 1st Rector of Trinity Church

The original of this photo can be seen in the hallway in the new addition.

The Rev. Richard Putnam 1884-1894, retired 2nd Rector  
The Rev. Henry Tarrant 1894-1899, called to St John's, Pine Meadow 3rd Rector  
The Rev. Richmond Herbert Gesner


1899-1906, called to Christ Church, Oswego, NY.  We know the following with regard to this parish from the rootsweb site for Oswego:

"Christ Episcopal Church was organized at a meeting held February 26, 1822, in the West side school house, Rev. Amos Pardee, a missionary, presiding at the meeting.  The edifice in which services are now held was erected in 1857 and cost $13,000.  In 1865, when the indebtedness of the church was cleared away, the church was consecrated by Bishop Coxe. Christ Church is prospering under the guidance of Rev. R. H. Gesner, who was recently called by the congregation from a thriving Connecticut parish." 

Trinity, of course, was the thriving Connecticut parish mentioned.  Sadly, Christ Episcopal Church in Oswego no longer exists. 

4th Rector The Rev. Richmond Herbert Gesner

Richard Petrecca, whose wife is a descendent of Fr. Gesner, has kindly furnished Trinity with two photos of our fourth Rector.  The other photo will shortly be framed and hung in the gallery.

The Rev. George William Griffith Called on May 5, 1906 from St. Thomas' Church, Bethel, CT, where he was Rector.

1906-1915, called to St. Paul's, Waterville.  (Waterville is a neighborhood in the north end of Waterbury.)  Sadly, St. Paul's no longer exists.

5th Rector Fr. Griffith

This is the only known photo of Fr. Griffith, and was taken from the group photo of the choir circa 1906.  The original photo can be seen in the photo archives.

The Rev. Frank Hoffnagal Bigelow 1915-1917, called as Rector to Christ Church, Pomfret where he established the Rectory School 6th Rector Fr. Frank Bigelow - photo courtesy of Rectory School

The photograph of Fr. Bigelow was graciously furnished by the Rectory School

The Rev. Arthur Griffin:   (Supply at St. John's, Salisbury, later Rector, Christ Church, Canaan) 1917-1935, died in office Co-Rector with Christ Church, Canaan The Rev. Arthur Griffin
The Rev. John Chiera:   (Rector of St. John's, Salisbury) 1935-1942 Priest in Charge  
The Rev. John Mulligan:  (Chaplain of Salisbury School) 1942-1945

Fr. Mulligan is remembered particularly for beginning the tradition of Christmas Pageants at Trinity in 1942.

Priest in Charge The Rev. John Mulligan
The Rev. William VanWyck 1945-1949.  Fr. VanWyck was our first full-time Priest after the difficult years and served at Trinity as a very young man.  We've learned that his final position (1990 - 1996) was as  Rector of St. Thomas of the Valley in Clarkdale, AZ, from which he retired.  Resident Priest in Charge Fr. VanWyck

The photo was taken shortly before Fr. VanWyck's death in 2005 and was graciously furnished by his last Parish.

The Rev. Dr. Robert S. Flockhart 1949-1958 7th Rector  
The Rev. Standish Macintosh 1958-1964 8th Rector  
The Rev. Bruce E. LeBarron 1964-1969, called to Christ Church, Bethany, CT.  As of 2011, Fr. LeBarron is Canon Pastor of Christ Church Cathedral, Salina, KS, in the Diocese of Western Kansas. 9th Rector  
The Rev. Newton Howden 1969-1985, retired to live in England


10th Rector The Rev. Newton Howden
The Rev. Aaron Manderbach Came to Trinity as Interim following retirement as Rector of St. Stephen's Church, Ridgefield.  Served as Interim 1985-1986, then retired.  Interim (photograph in cloister hallway in new addition)
The Rev. William S. Holcomb 1986-1992, made career transition to interim, serving numerous locations in the South 11th Rector The Rev. William Holcomb
The Rev. Aaron Manderbach Came from retirement to serve again as Interim at Trinity 1992-1993, then again retired but served Trinity as non-stipendiary clergy for several years.  His chalk talks for the children are fondly remembered. Interim (photograph in cloister hallway in new addition)
The Rev. Mitzi Noble 1993-1998, called to St. Barnabas Episcopal Church of the Deaf, and Episcopal Chaplaincy for Gallaudet School for the Deaf, Washington, DC 12th Rector The Rev. Mitzi Noble
The Rev. Robert P. Clements 1998-1999, continued to next interim assignment Interim The Rev. Dr. Robert P. Clements, Vicar of Trinity Church
The Rev. Beth L. Long 1999 - April 2006, called to Church of St. Gregory the Great, Athens, GA as Rector 13th Rector Rev Beth Long, 13th Rector of Trinity Church, Lime Rock
The Rt. Rev. Cyril Wismar April - November 2006.  Retired Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Interim The Rt. Rev. Cyril Wismar
The Rev. Dr. Robert P. Clements Arrived as Vicar on December 1, 2006.  Called to Christ Church, Roxbury as Rector, with his last Sunday at Trinity August 23, 2009.  1st Vicar The Rev. Dr. Robert P. Clements

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Original Incorporators of Trinity Lime Rock

(We're also interested in collecting information about all of these individuals.  US Senator William H. Barnum was a historical notable, as, to a lesser extent was Milo Barnum Richardson. Others are not so well remembered today.  Please contact the webmaster if you can provide information about any of them.)

William Henry Barnum:  Born in Boston Corners, MA/NYS 1818, died in Lime Rock 1889.  Manufacturer of railroad car wheels, railroad executive, Member of Congress, US Senator, Chair of National Democratic Committee.  Buried in Lime Rock Cemetery. J. T. Levi:  We know little for certain about Levi.  Possibly he was born in MA in 1856.  Possibly he is the "carpenter Levi" referred to the 1873 Western Connecticut News as being one of the principal builders of Trinity Church. 
James H. Barnum:  Born in NYS August 29, 1827, died in Lime Rock December 11, 1891.  Merchant (per 1880 census)  (was storekeeper of the Barnum Richardson Company store).  Buried in Lime Rock Cemetery, he became the first Junior Warden of Trinity Lime Rock. Sidney P. Ensign:  According to the 1880 census, his occupation was bookkeeper. 
James Leonard Richardson:  Born March 21, 1852 and died May 23, 1911.  Occupation (per 1880 census) was clerk.  Buried in Lime Rock Cemetery. Charles Dean:
Milo Barnum Richardson Born February 13, 1849, son of Leonard Richardson and Lucy Ann (Barnum) Richardson.  Became President of Barnum Richardson Co.; was a director of National Iron Bank, a trustee of the Hotchkiss School, and Senior Warden of Trinity.  He was a State Representative, Aide to the Governor, and a State Senator.  He married Nellie Minor of Falls Village; they had four children.  He died May 17, 1912.  (Source:  Hartford Daily Courant obituary, May 18, 1912).Occupation (per 1880 census) was manufacturer of pig iron.  Buried in Lime Rock Cemetery. Lee Ostrum:  Born June 6, 1847 in New York State and died February 5, 1904.  Occupation, per 1880 census, was "works in foundry".  Buried in Lime Rock Cemetery.
William Crowell:  Born in Massachusetts in 1807.  Occupation (per 1880 census) was clerk.  Crowell became the first Senior Warden of Trinity Lime Rock. F. Wanger:  Occupation, per 1880 census, was shoemaker.
J. H. Hurlbut:  Born in Connecticut in 1840.  Occupation (per 1880 census) was teacher.  He became the first Clerk of Trinity Lime Rock. H. Arnold:  Born in 1835 in Germany.  According to the 1880 census, he was a gardener, and resided at the Rocky Dell Hotel.
C. H. Rowley:  Born in Connecticut in 1837.  Occupation (per 1880 census) was hotel keeper.  Robert Winterbottom:  According to the 1880 census, his occupation was farm laborer.  He is known later to have been employed as a handyman by the Richardson family.
J. George W. Wiesing:  Born in Brennigsen, Germany, November 27, 1824, died in Lime Rock January 5, 1899.  Occupation (per 1880 census) was pattern maker.  He eventually became Superintendent of the Works for Barnum Richardson's factories in Lime Rock.  Buried in Lime Rock Cemetery. George W. Thorpe:  Born May 24, 1835 in Massachusetts and died February 16, 1888.  According to the 1880 census he was a farm laborer.  Buried in Lime Rock Cemetery.
Porter Burrell:  Born in Connecticut in 1846.  Occupation (per 1880 census) was bookkeeper.  Not surprisingly, he was the first Treasurer of Trinity Lime Rock. Lemuel A.  Bulman:  He was born September 15, 1841 and died January 2, 1926.  According to the 1880 census he was a machinist.  He is buried in Lime Rock Cemetery.  It appears he was known as Leonard as this is the name under which he appears as in incorporator of Trinity Church.


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