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The Choir of Trinity Wall Street...

made annual visits to Trinity Lime Rock for nine years, from 2002 until what now seems to have been their final visit on September 26, 2010.

See below for links to photos from this visit and from their earlier visits to Trinity Lime Rock.

This wonderful professional group became a regular fixture of parish life at Trinity Lime Rock with their annual visits -- always awaited eagerly.

We were fortunate in our proximity to theTrinity Wall Street's Trinity Conference Center in West Cornwall, which for many years was offered to not for profit organizations to hold offsite conferences.  The Trinity Wall Street Choir made use of the facility for an annual offsite weekend, preparing their new repertory, and we were honored to be the first to hear some of it.  Sadly, the Trinity Conference Center is now slated to close, and with its passing, we suspect, will be the passing of our visits from Trinity Wall Street's Choir.

Not only are Trinity Wall Street's choristers individually superb musicians, and together a great ensemble, but we have also gotten to know them as individuals, as wonderful people.  We will miss them.

There's considerable photographic evidence on this website of these memorable annual visits to us.  Here's a directory by year, as well as the "official" Trinity Wall Street Choir picture at Trinity Lime Rock for each year.  Click on any of them to see a larger version -- and click on the "click here" button to see more pictures from that visit.





for more pictures:
2002 The Choir of Trinity Church, Wall Street, Dr. Owen Burdick, Director

Trinity Wall Street Choir 2002

2003 Trinity Wall Street Choir 2003

Trinity Wall Street Choir 2003

2004 Trinity Wall Street Choir 2004

Trinity Wall Street Choir 2004

2005 Trinity Church Wall Street Choir 2005

Trinity Wall Street Choir 2005

2006 Trinity Wall Street Choir 2006

Trinity Wall Street Choir 2006

2007 Trinity Wall Street Choir 2007

Trinity Wall Street Choir 2007 visit

2008 The augmented choir of Trinity Wall Street visits Trinity Lime Rock, 2008 Trinity Wall Street Choir 2008 visit
2009 Trinity Wall Street 2009 Trinity Wall Street Choir 2009 visit
2010 Trinity Wall Street Choir at Trinity Lime Rock Trinity Wall Street Choir 2010 visit

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