Bulletin for May 13

Here’s the Sunday bulletin for May 13 at Trinity Lime Rock!


Download it and read it at home to prepare for the service, or download it to your portable electronic device at Trinity and follow the service on it instead of a paper bulletin.  Your choice!

Regardless, see you Sunday at Trinity!

Bulletin for May 13

Here’s a photo of Crescendo‘s superb concert last Sunday at Trinity. They will be performing at Trinity again in May, in case you missed this one. (photo by Steve Potter for Crescendo)

Bulletin for April 29

Here’s your bulletin for April 29 at Trinity Lime Rock!

04-29-2018 bulletin HE 3

Download it and prepare at home with the readings, or download it and use it at Trinity in place of the paper bulletin.  We’re noticing more and more parishioners following the service on their phones recently, and it doesn’t hurt to be prepared to do so if you’ve given your paper bulletin to a latecomer who missed picking one up on the way in.

In any event, see you at Trinity on Sunday!

Bulletin for April 29

Bulletin for April 15

The bulletin for April 15 at Trinity Lime Rock is available for download.

Please click to download it.

04-15-2018 Easter 3 Youth Sun

Sunday will be the Youth Sunday for April, so you may want to download the bulletin and read the readings through ahead of time in case you are a young person and are assigned one to read in church.

Or, you may want to review the way the service runs.

You can download the bulletin now at home, or you can download it at Trinity and follow the service on your personal electronic device.

However you use it, we hope we see you on Sunday at Trinity!

Bulletin for April 15


Bulletin for April 8

Here’s the Sunday bulletin for April 8, the second Sunday of Easter at Trinity Lime Rock.

04-08-2018 Easter 2

Download it at home and look it over before you come, or download it at Trinity and follow the service on your personal electronic device.  We’ve got good wifi throughout the building, and thanks to our friends at Lime Rock Park, there’s good cellular coverage as well.

Quick question:  do you receive our weekly e-mail update, the Trinity Update?  It will arrive in your e-mail box each Wednesday afternoon if you sign up to receive it.  CLICK HERE to go to the signup page.

Bulletin for April 8

Young people “Flowering the Cross” last Sunday at Trinity

Bulletin for Palm Sunday

Here’s the (draft) bulletin for Palm Sunday at Trinity Lime Rock.  To download it, simply click

03-25-2018 bulletin Palm Sunday

You can review it at home, or you can access it during the service at Trinity on your mobile device.  We have a good wifi signal in church.

Come see us at Trinity Lime Rock!

Palm Sunday 2016 at Trinity Lime Rock


Bulletin for March 18

Here is the Sunday Bulletin for March 18 at Trinity Lime Rock!

03-18-2018 bulletin Lent 5

Download it and read it at home, or download it at Trinity to your personal electronic device and follow the service from it instead of using a paper bulletin.

This Sunday is our Youth Sunday for March at Trinity — you’ll see our young people in most worship roles liturgically permitted, and we think you will be impressed!

Bulletin for March 4

Here’s the bulletin for March 4, this Sunday, the third Sunday of Lent, at Trinity Lime Rock!

Simply click to download it.

Bulletin for March 4

Of course, you can download it at home and review the readings before Sunday, or you can download it at Trinity and follow the service on your personal electronic device as we saw several people doing last Sunday when we ran short of bulletins.

We hope everyone is warm and dry in this storm!

Bulletin for March 4


Bulletin for February 25

Here’s the bulletin for February 25 at Trinity Lime Rock!

Note that we’re having Morning Prayer this Sunday as Pastor Heidi is on vacation.  So, even if you rarely look at the bulletin before the service, you might want to look at this one, especially if your familiarity with Episcopalian liturgy is more recent than the late 1970s, when the church switched to having Holy Eucharist as the main service.  (Previous to that, in most parishes, Morning Prayer was the main service and Mass was said perhaps once a month.)

At any rate, here it is!  02-25-2018 MP 

Just click to download in PDF format.

Bulletin for February 25

Bulletin for February 18

Here’s the bulletin for February 18 at Trinity Lime Rock.

Just click below to download it:

02-18-2018 bulletin lent 1

You’ll note that Sunday is both the first Sunday in Lent, and is also the Youth Sunday for February, when our young people take over all the permissible functions of the service.

Bulletin for February 18