Bulletin for Youth Sunday October 15

Here’s your bulletin for Youth Sunday October 15!

We’re always pleased to make these available in case you want to review the bulletin at home before the service, or view it on your portable electronic device during the service, or check back to review a reading or a hymn that was of special interest to you.

As noted, this Sunday will be the Youth Sunday for October (we have them each month, usually on the third Sunday) when our young people lead the service.

With no further ado, here’s the Bulletin for youth Sunday October 15

Trinity acolytes

Bulletin for July 2


07-02-2017 Holy Eucharist


Pastor Heidi will be back with us this Sunday after the successful pulpit exchange last Sunday with St. John’s Church in Salisbury.

Why not download a copy of the bulletin for July 2 now and read it over before church — or, of course, you can download it at Trinity and use it instead of a paper bulletin.Either way,. here it is!

07-02-2017 Holy Eucharist

Mass at Trinity

Bulletin for June 25

Here’s Trinity’s Bulletin for June 25!

This is a special Sunday in a month of special Sundays.  Pentecost, Trinity Sunday, a Youth Sunday, and now, a pulpit exchange between Trinity and the parish from which Trinity emerged back in 1873, St. John’s of Salisbury.

While Pastor Heidi will preach and celebrate at St. John’s, Fr. David Sellery, Priest in Charge of St. John’s, will be here at Trinity preaching and celebrating at the 10:30 AM Holy Eucharist.

Why not download a copy of the bulletin for June 25 now and read it over before church — or, of course, you can download it at Trinity and use it instead of a paper bulletin.

Either way,. here it is!

06-25-2017 pulpit exchange



Bulletin for June 18

Here’s the Sunday bulletin for  June 18!

Download it now — particularly if you happen to be one of the young people who will be readers at this youth Sunday — the youth Sunday for June.

Or, if you prefer, download it and refer to it at Trinity in place of a paper bulletin.

Without further ado, here it is!!

Bulletin for 06-17-2017

Bulletin for Trinity Sunday 2017

Here’s the bulletin for Trinity Sunday 2017!

Trinity Sunday is the day we celebrate our birthday, so it’s an even bigger day at our house than it would otherwise be.

There will be special music, and our annual Trinity Sunday picnic follows the service.  All are welcome, there will be hot dogs and hamburgers to grill, and if you could bring a dish to share (side dishes, salads, desserts) it would be great.

Without further ado, here it is:

06-11-2017 Trinity Sunday



Dining al fresco at a Trinity Sunday picnic

Bulletin for Pentecost 2017

Here’s an opportunity to download the bulletin for Pentecost 2017 at Trinity Lime Rock!

You’ll notice that the bulletin this time is larger sized.  That’s because we’re trying an new Eucharistic Prayer (it’s referred to as “#3”) that doesn’t appear in the Book of Common Prayer, and secondly, because it’s Pentecost, the birthday of the Christian Church.

So, have a look!

pentecost large 2017

Also, if you’re planning on attending either service on Sunday, remember that it’s traditional to wear something red for Pentecost!

Bulletin for Sunday 04-30-2017

Here’s the bulletin for Sunday 04-30-2017 at Trinity Lime Rock!

Read it at home before coming to church, or use it to refer to instead of the paper bulletin while you’re here.

04-30-2017 3 Easter


We think the construction will be completed by Sunday, but we’re currently improving the lighting in our parking lot as the photo below shows:

We apologize for the mess, but we’re in the process of improving the lighting in our parking lot.  Thanks to Alexis Dorf for the photo.