Sunday bulletin for January 28

Here’s the Sunday bulletin for January 28 2018 at Trinity Lime Rock!

01-28-2018 bulletin

Download it at home and read it over in preparation for Sunday, or download it at home or at Trinity to use on your portable electronic device.

And come see us at Trinity!

Pastor Heidi delivering the Homily last Sunday


Annual Report for 2017

Trinity’s Annual Report for 2017 is now ready for download.

Please click here to download it:

 Annual Report 2018

This is the report for the year just completed, and is the agenda and basis for discussion at the parish Annual Meeting, which will be held Sunday, January 21, 2018 following a potluck lunch after the 10:30 AM Holy Eucharist.

If you are coming to the meeting — and we encourage all members, including young people, to attend, please download a copy of the Annual Report to your personal electronic device to refer to during the meeting.  While we will print a limited number of copies, significant copying expense is saved if parishioners “bring their own”.

If you wish, you may download the annual report at Trinity, but we encourage prior downloading, both so you can read it over at your leisure, and to avoid overtaxing the parish wifi.

As is our practice, the financial reports are distributed at the meeting in paper form.

Reading the annual report is always a worthwhile experience ever if you cannot attend the meeting.  It is amazing what our small parish accomplishes!!

Last year’s Annual Meeting at Trinity Lime Rock

Sunday Bulletin for January 7 2018

Here’s the Sunday Bulletin for January 7 2018 at Trinity Lime Rock!

Sunday Bulletin for January 7 2018

Just click above to download it.

You can read it at home and prepare for the service, or you can download it at Trinity and read it on your portable electronic device during the service.   (In case you’re new to Trinity, we have Holy Eucharist at 8 AM and 19:30 AM on Sundays.  There’s music at the 10:30 service, and coffee hour follows the later service — please join us!)

Below is a quick look at the Christmas altar, courtesy of Cheryl Duntz.  We will be “de-greening” the church during coffee hour — removing the Christmas decorations and getting set for the season of Epiphany — so you’re invited to join in that transformation as well.

Bulletin for 6 PM Christmas Eve

Here’s the bulletin for 6 PM Christmas Eve at Trinity Lime Rock

bulletin for 6 PM Christmas Eve

Please feel free to view it online, either here or at Trinity on your personal electronic device — or forward it to a friend and invite them to join us!

We look forward to seeing you during the Christmas weekend at Trinity, and we want to wish you a very Merry Christmas!

Christmas 2017 at Trinity Lime Rock



Bulletin for Sunday December 17

Here’s your bulletin for Sunday December 17 at Trinity Lime Rock!

You can download it and read it at home, or you can read it in church in place of the paper bulletin on your personal electronic device.

This Sunday, besides being the 4th Sunday of Advent, and the designated Young People’s Sunday for December, will be the 76th Christmas Pageant at Trinity.  We hope you come!!

Download the bulletin right here:

12-17-2017 pageant

Bulletin for Sunday December 17


Bulletin for Sunday December 10

Here’s the bulletin for Sunday December 10 at Trinity Lime Rock!

To view it on your computer or personal electronic device, simply CLICK HERE

You can review it at home, or you can use it at church in place of a paper bulletin, if you wish.

Meanwhile, today, Saturday, don’t forget the Holiday Bazaar that starts at 2 PM and includes such varied attractions as a wreath sale, wonderful things to buy for that hard-to-please someone on your list, chili dinner, lighting of the Lime Rock Community Christmas Tree, and lots more!  You can learn more about it here:

Christmas Bazaar 2017


See you soon at Trinity Lime Rock!!

Bulletin for Sunday December 10

Actually, this picture is from last Winter. We don’t have that much snow yet this year at Trinity (but we will!)


Bulletin for Sunday, December 3

Here’s the bulletin for Sunday, December 3, at Trinity Lime Rock!

Bulletin for Sunday, December 3

It’s a special Sunday at Trinity!  It’s the first Sunday in Advent and thus the first Sunday of a new church year.  It’s the visitation by the Bishop Suffragan of Connecticut.  And it’s the Confirmation of two young men in the parish.

Below is a video of the acolytes rehearsing from the last time Bishop Ahrens visited Trinity, several years ago.  Enjoy!


Bulletin for Sunday November 26

Here’s the bulletin for Sunday, November 26 at Trinity Lime Rock!

Bulletin for Sunday November 26

Review it at home, or access it on your personal electronic device at Trinity!

Thanks to everyone in the larger community for their participation in the Interfaith Thanksgiving Service at Trinity Tuesday evening.  There’s a photo below, but you can also CLICK HERE to go to our Facebook page where there are lots of photos and some videos of the service as well.


God Bless America

Bulletin for Sunday November 19

Here’s your bulletin for Sunday, November 19 at Trinity Lime Rock.

This Sunday will be the Youth Sunday for November, when the young people take over most of the roles in the service.  It is always impressive just what a find job they do.

Please feel free to download the bulletin now and review it at home before the service, or, if you feel inclined, download it at Trinity on your personal  electronic device and use it there.


We hope to see you Sunday!

Bulletin for Sunday November 12

Here’s the bulletin for Sunday November 12 at Trinity Lime Rock!

View it at home to prepare for Sunday (always helps to read the lessons over before you hear them read in church), or follow the service on your personal electronic device while you’re participating at Trinity.   Either way, just click Bulletin for Sunday November 12 to read it.

See you on Sunday!!

Corner Food Pantry

Corner Food Pantry — November 2017