Bulletin for February 26

Here’s the bulletin for February 26, 2017 at Trinity Lime Rock!

Download it at home so you’re familiar with the readings before the service, or download it at Trinity and follow the service on your portable electronic device — your choice!

Here it is:

02-26-2017 bulletin

The Trinity buildings, seen from Reid Field

Bulletin for February 12, 2017

Here’s the Sunday bulletin for February 12, 2017!

Download it now and read it in preparation for church tomorrow, or download it at Trinity and use it instead of the paper bulletin.

02-12-2017 bulletin Youth

A few things to note about this Sunday:

–It’s the one Youth Sunday scheduled for this calendar quarter!

–We will formally install our  incoming Officers and Vestry

–We’ll brighten the winter with our annual Chocolate Sunday!

In other words, don’t miss it!

Bulletin for January 29, 2017

Here’s the Sunday bulletin for January 29, 2017 at Trinity Lime Rock!

01-29-2017 bulletin

Why not take this opportunity to download it and view it before the service.  Or, if you wish, download it at Trinity and use it to guide your participation in the service instead of the paper bulletin!

Bulletin for December 18

Here’s the bulletin for Sunday, December 18, 2016 — the Fourth Sunday of Advent — at Trinity Lime Rock!

12-18-2016 bulletin 4 Advent

Special today:  the Youth Sunday for December brings us Trinity’s 74th Christmas Pageant.  Not to be missed!

Also, following the service (and the pageant) stick around to help with the Greening of the Church!