Rota for third quarter 2018

Here’s the rota for  third quarter 2018 (July, August, and September) at Trinity Lime Rock!

To access it, simply click below:

Rota for third quarter 2018

If you would like a paper copy and don’t have a printer available, there will shortly be paper copies available at Trinity.

One of our strengths as a parish is the large number of parishioners who take part in our worship, either performing a role during it, or functioning in a support capacity without which the services would simply not be the same.

Thanks to all the volunteers!

Would you like to be in this number?  There is something at Trinity for everyone to do.  Simply speak to Pastor Heidi or to the Verger, Geoff Brown if this is something you would like to explore.

rota for third quarter 2018

The Lector on a recent Sunday at Trinity Lime Rock

Second Quarter Rota

Here’s the second quarter rota for Trinity Lime Rock.

That’s the schedule that tells which of our volunteers is on duty for the many tasks that come together to make Sundays at Trinity.    We issue a new schedule each quarter reflecting planned absences and preferences of our parishioners.

You can download a copy here:


Alternatively, you can pick up a paper copy at Trinity if you wish.

Thanks to everyone!  Your help is what makes Trinity the institution that it is!

Second Quarter Rota


Rota for first quarter 2018

Here’s the rota for first quarter 2018

What’s a rota?   It’s the schedule of who, among our many wonderful volunteers, performs what roles in our Sunday services.

Our Verger prepares this (with a whole lot of input from the volunteers themselves) a week or two before each quarter ends and gets it “out there” so that people can plan their schedules as far in advance as possible.

Without further ado, here’s the rota for first quarter 2018!

Rota for first quarter 2018

You can also see a copy posted at Trinity, or pick up a printed copy there as well.

Thanks to all of our volunteers for all that they do for Trinity!


Trinity’s Verger and Acolytes

Volunteers rota for 3rd quarter 2016

Here’s the schedule of volunteer assignments at Trinity for the third quarter of 2016.

3Q2016 Rota

Not on the rota but interested in one or more of these volunteer opportunities at Trinity?  We will be very glad to have you!  Please see the Rev. Heidi Truax, our Rector, or Geoff Brown, the Verger, and let them know of your interest!

Trinity Lime Rock logo

The logo of Trinity Lime Rock

Activities Calendar

Activities Calendar for June 2016

Want to see all the special activities at Trinity in one place?  Perhaps to print out and put on the refrigerator? We’ve got your covered!

Here are the June 2016 Parish activity  announcements Just click below to download it!

June 2016 announcements poster


Trinity Lime Rock logo

The logo of Trinity Lime Rock

Volunteer Schedule for 2nd Quarter (rota)

Rota for the 2nd quarter

Principally of interest to the people who volunteer their time and talent at Trinity, here is the schedule for the second quarter of 2016.

Rota for 2Q2016

To all our volunteers:  thank you for all that you do!

Interested in participating at Trinity in one of these roles?  Please let Pastor Heidi know, or use any of the options on the Communications page of this website.