Backpack Project 2018

Here’s information about the Backpack Project 2018 at Trinity Lime Rock

Backpack project 2018

(photo: Eleanore Jenks)

It’s a tradition that the young people of Trinity Lime Rock undertake a backpack project every  summer.  This page will tell you more about the project, give you some updated information for this year, and encourage you to participate.  Still have a question?  Let us know!  We will update the page with an answer!

Question:  What is the backpack project 2018 about?

Answer:  We collect back to school backpacks and school supplies from parishioners and others for area young people whose families cannot afford to buy them.  That’s it in a nutshell!

Question:  How do backpacks get from Trinity Lime Rock to the young people who need them?

Answer:  For the most part, we rely on local social services agencies to distribute the packs and school supplies.  They know better than we do which families genuinely need them.

Question:  When are backpacks and school supplies due at Trinity?

Answer:  Sunday, August 19, we hold what is called the “ingathering” for Backpack Project 2018.  If you bring a backpack to church that morning, or any Sunday before then, it will be blessed and will be handed off to the social workers the following day for distribution.

Question:  You mentioned school supplies.  How does that work?

Answer:  School supplies are an important part of backpack project 2018.  While most kinds of school supplies can be used, we have located a list of supplies required by two local public schools, Salisbury Central —  CLICK HERE  to see their list — and Sharon Center — CLICK HERE to see theirs!  Over the line in New York State, the lists for Webutuck Central School are HERE.  Just over the line in Massachusetts there’s another list.  Click HERE to see it.  We will add more as they are posted by the schools, but hopefully these will give you an idea what kind of school supplies are most needed.

Question:  If I buy school supplies and put them in a backpack, will the supplies go along with the backpack?

Answer:  The social workers and teachers review the contents of the backpacks to ensure that the supplies are grade-appropriate and school-appropriate for the child who will receive the backpack.  Thus, you can feel free to add school supplies without concerns about whether they will accompany the backpack.

Backpack project 2018

Question:  How is backpack project 2018 going so far?

Answer:  Pretty well!  The three backpacks above arrived on Sunday, July 29.  It’s a great start, but we will need lots more so we can be sure that every child who needs one will get one.

Question:  When is the best time to drop off backpacks at Trinity Lime Rock?

Answer:  We recommend Sunday mornings simply to be sure that the building is open and there is someone to receive them.

Question:  Where can I buy a backpack or school supplies to donate?

Answer:  Many local and area merchants sell back to school backpacks and school supplies.  Some offer discounts on backpacks during this season, and others offer discounted school supplies.  We’ve seen them so far this year at Staples in Great Barrington, Rite Aid in Canaan, and Stop and Shop in Canaan, and no doubt there are others.  Let us know if you have a source to particularly recommend.

Question:  I don’t have time to shop but would like to help.  Can I donate money to this cause?

Answer: Yes you can!  Easiest way is to put a check in the offering on Sunday morning with “Backpacks” on the memo line.  Another way is to use the online donation function on our website, and in the memo area enter “backpacks”.  Finally, you can mail a check with “backpacks” on the memo line to Trinity Lime Rock, 484 Lime Rock Road, Lakeville, CT 06039 and it will be spent on backpacks or school supplies for the backpack project 2018.

Thank you for supporting Backpack Project 2018!!

Bulletin for April 8

Here’s the Sunday bulletin for April 8, the second Sunday of Easter at Trinity Lime Rock.

04-08-2018 Easter 2

Download it at home and look it over before you come, or download it at Trinity and follow the service on your personal electronic device.  We’ve got good wifi throughout the building, and thanks to our friends at Lime Rock Park, there’s good cellular coverage as well.

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Bulletin for April 8

Young people “Flowering the Cross” last Sunday at Trinity

New Junior Instructor

Sunday marked the graduation from Sunday School at Trinity of one of our oldest students and her appointment as the new junior instructor in Sunday School.   Our Sunday School, which meets year-round, operates on the “one room schoolhouse” approach, so our young people  age three and up work together in a collaborative environment.   You can read more about our Sunday School and our young people HERE.

One of the younger young people read the somewhat tongue-in-cheek proclamation to Helen and to the congregation on Sunday (which was the Youth Sunday for March), but several parishioners have requested a copy of it.  Hence, here it is!

Helen graduation proclamation

We are truly proud of Helen (her last name is redacted since she is still a minor) and we as a parish are truly fortunate — delighted, actually — to have her as the junior Sunday School teacher!

New junior instructor