Worship at Trinity Lime Rock

Often (but not always) the first activity in which people new to Trinity participate is formal Christian Worship.
It’s what most people think of as “going to church.”

When are services?

At Trinity we have two principal worship services each Sunday.
At 8 AM, we celebrate Holy Eucharist, usually according to Rite I.  This is the smaller of our two Sunday services, and (except for special Sundays such as Easter) there’s no music at this service.  The service usually takes 40 – 45 minutes and is followed by an adult Bible Study class for those who care to stay
At 10:30 AM, we celebrate Holy Eucharist, usually according to Rite II, but at this service we have organ and choral music year-round.  Usually the priest sings or chants a portion of the liturgy at this service.  The service lasts between 70 – 80 minutes on a typical Sunday.  It is followed by coffee hour, to which all are invited (and most people attend).

On the principal Feast days and other days of obligation during the Church year we often have additional services.  Some examples include Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, Ascension Day, and others.
Our special services are usually advertised in the Lakeville Journal, generally announced on this website, and always announced in our weekly Trinity Update and in our recorded message on the parish phone.  Call 860-435-2627 at any time for a recording of the times of services.

Style of worship

Some people (usually people pretty familiar with The Episcopal Church) ask us about the style of our worship at Trinity.  We’re solidly in the category of “Broad Church” (the extremes are Low Church on one hand and High Church on the other).

We’re in the middle:  we have elements of High Church practice (for example, our choir usually sings choral responses, our Rector usually chants a portion of the Eucharist, on some Sundays bells are rung during the Eucharist, and votive candles are always available for those who wish to use them) and also Low Church (we don’t use incense, we occasionally use experimental liturgies, and our general emphasis is on welcome and participation rather than formality).


Outside of worship

If you would like to know how we “walk the walk”, and offer companionship along the Way — not just on Sunday mornings,  not just at Trinity, visit our page on Outreach.  We know that we are called to serve in the community — and, perhaps, that is as important as our worship.  It’s where we place much of our emphasis as a parish.

Young people

If you have young people with you — or if you’re in that category yourself — there’s more information for you on our Young People page.   Regarding young people and our worship services, we designate one Sunday per month as Young People’s Sunday.  On those days you will see our acolytes in procession, you will see young people reading Scripture, leading the Psalm, leading the Prayers of the People, and assisting on the Altar.