The Latest about the Refugee Family

Here’s an update from Sean White of St. Mary’s Church with the latest about the refugee family with whom we at Trinity Lime Rock are assisting:

This has been a busy, productive week for the Al Ghanems.

We’re making progress with all the legal formalities.  In particular, the family has gotten started on their medical exams, which is a federal requirement.  While the U.S. State Dept. gave them complete physicals before admitting them to the country, they must do another round of exams once they get here.  The kids cannot start at Salisbury Central before these are completed.

Formal English classes for the parents began on Monday at St. John’s Church in Salisbury.  The family is going to story hour at Scoville Library.  It will be a long road, but I see improvement already.  I had my first telephone conversation with Mahmoud!

IRIS completed its employment assessment of the parents.  Now the job search begins.  Mahmoud is an experienced construction worker and building contractor.  While his English skills are very limited, he is a legal resident of the United States with the right to work.  And he is eager to work.  We have already begun contacting local employers on his behalf.  If you have any leads, let us know.

During the first two weeks after they arrived, we did not want to overwhelm the family with too many new faces.  Now they are more comfortable here, and starting to feel at home.  This week many of you got involved for the first time.  Thanks!  We will be contacting more of you in the coming days for help with babysitting, driving, tutoring and many other tasks.

Stay tuned for more to come!!!