Getting together

At Trinity we enjoy getting together for some fellowship too!  It doesn’t really follow the liturgical calendar, it doesn’t aid some particular organization or group, but it does help us all get to know each other better, and that helps us do all of the things we do for others.



Dining al fresco at a Trinity cookout

We usually have a couple of these each summer.  Typically they’re on a Saturday evening, usually they start at 6 PM, and normally they are pot luck.  Sometimes a parishioner or family will volunteer to barbecue or suggest a theme for the evening, but usually it’s a matter of everyone bringing something to share.  People often bring friends, weekend guests, extended family, and acquaintances.  These felloship events are a great way of introducing newcomers to the Trinity family.

Yes, the young people love these parish events, too.  They get to see each other in a completely informal atmosphere.

Coffee hour

These are weekly, following the 10:30 AM Holy Eucharist.  They represent a wonderful time to socialize a bit while having a fairly substantial snack (some call it lunch) in preparation for committee meetings at noon.  This is organized:  we have rotating hospitality teams that set up, provide the food, and clean up.  Being on a hospitality team is a great way to get to know people in the parish.

Youth group activities


Skating at Hotchkiss

Our young people go to different schools, live in different towns, and may or may not share interests that bring them together outside church.  But every so often we’ll have an official Youth Group recreational activity (bowling trips and skating trips are examples) under parish auspices, but even more frequently our young people will simply get together at community activities in a minimally coordinated way (skating (again), snow tubing, the SVAS carnival are good examples of these) — and frequently their friends from outside Trinity tag along.  (We have adult “friends of Trinity” and we have young people who fall in that category as well.)

Art Show opening receptions

These staples of the art show world are social events with an artistic flavor that encourage easy mixing between parishioners, artists (both parishioners and non-parishioners), neighbors, friends, and the simply curious.  Typically they’re held on Friday evenings when a new art show is hung, and the hours are usually 5 PM – 7 PM.