Donations and Stewardship

No matter how many good people a parish has, no matter how rich it is in talent and the time people give it, no parish can run without money.  In basic terms, these are donations, and we depend on your Stewardship, and your donations.

Donations and stewardship at Trinity Lime Rock

There are several ways you can make a donation to Trinity.

Here are some ways — starting with the easiest:

You can donate online, using your credit card or debit card, or your checking account    

Many people at Trinity choose to donate online.  We’ve been encouraging online donations for years, and, especially since COVID-19, more and more people choose this method.  We offer two ways to do it: GIVE+ and PayPal.  It’s your choice!

Donate online

Clicking above will take you directly to our secure, trusted donations website.

The first time you visit, you’ll be asked for your e-mail address, and to select a password to use on this service.

Then, you’ll be asked to select the church to which you donate.  Look for “Trinity Lime Rock” or Trinity Episcopal Church in Lakeville, CT.

From then on, it’s really easy.  The same sign-on will work on your phone or tablet.  If you would like your donation to go for a specific purpose, such as Buildings & Grounds, or Music, or our programs for young people, or outreach to our communities, or flowers, please say so in the convenient box next to the donation amount.  You’ll also have the opportunity to make a recurring donation.


Donations and Stewardship

On your phone or iPad, just download and install the “Give Plus Church” app.  It’s easy — just search for “Give Plus Church” on  Google Play or the Apple Store and install it.   The installed app will look something like this on your phone:Or, if you’re using an iPad, it might look like this:Then, open the app and find Trinity!  Search for “Trinity Lime Rock”

Next step is to set up a user profile. Enter your e-mail address and select a password.  (You only have to do this once, regardless of how you donate.  The same profile follows you, on your phone, on  your tablet, or here on the web page). 

Then, to donate,  just follow the prompts. 

–You can donate from a checking account, from a debit card, or from a credit card

–You can set up recurring donations — how about setting up monthly payments when you pledge?

You can also donate using PayPal

If you prefer, you can donate using PayPal — either via your credit or debit card, or via your PayPal account.


You can put a check (or cash) in the collection plate on Sunday

Yes, we still do offer weekly envelopes for those who prefer them!  If you wish your donation to be used for a particular purpose, please note that purpose on the memo line of the check.  (This option isn’t available while we are closed for the COVID-19 crisis, of course.)

You can send a check to Trinity via postal mail

Our postal address is: 

Trinity Episcopal Church
484 Lime Rock Road
Lakeville, CT  06039

You can donate securities or make a bequest to Trinity  

To ensure prompt handling, please get up-to-date instructions from our bookkeeper.

Consider making a pledge

It’s easy to do — just click HERE!  Note that you do NOT need to attend Trinity in person in order to pledge.

But however you choose to donate…

Thank you for your donation to Trinity Lime Rock!!

People ask: How do I donate flowers to Trinity in memory of a loved one? The easiest way to do this is to sign up on the chart posted in the Guild Room for a particular Sunday. Then, put a check in the offering with “Flowers” on the memo line so it is correctly credited. It’s NOT necessary that you provide the actual flowers yourself; our Flower Committee is made up of motivated flower arrangers who will take care of that for you.