Events at Trinity

Lots happens at Trinity Lime Rock in addition to regular Sunday worship.  (For more information about worship at Trinity, we have a whole page about worship, but the most important is that we have Holy Eucharist at 8 AM and 10:30 AM each Sunday).

The most comprehensive calendar of everything on Trinity’s schedule can be found on our Google Calendar.

You’ll usually see special events announced in a post here on the website.  Take a look in the list of posts, and likely you’ll see what you’re looking for.  The more notable events usually rate an article in the weekly Trinity Update newsletter.

If you’re interested in staying in closer touch with what’s going on at Trinity, the weekly e-mail Trinity Update may be of interest.  You can sign up online to receive it on the Trinity Update signup page.

We do have the expected special events at Trinity for special days, as well as a few that we think are probably unique to Trinity.  You can see some information about them on our Church Year page.