Social Media at Trinity Lime Rock

Trinity Lime Rock was an early adopter of social media. Today you will find us on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Trinity was in the forefront among Episcopal congregations in the use of Social Media for both internal and external communications.  We were one of very first congregations that participated in the annual Social Media Sundays, and we look forward to continuing to participate in them this year and in future years. Today, Social Media at Trinity is central to our functioning.

When COVID-19 came, we were very grateful to have been “early adopters” of social media! Our transformation to “online church” was already pretty well rehearsed when it became necessary to become one, and today you will find us active on YouTube particularly.

This isn’t really social media, but each Sunday (or other times if it’s more convenient for you) you can watch our current service livestream HERE

Here are the social media sites where you will find an active Trinity presence, along with a bit about each of them and what you can expect to find there.


Our presence on Facebook was once larger than it is at present as the shape of social media changes. We do have a Facebook Page and a Facebook Group.  In addition, there is a separate page for the Gallery at Trinity.  We began using Facebook just as soon as it was open to not-for-profits for many years it was hugely helpful to us. You’ll find lots of photos of Trinity and Trinity people on our Facebook pages!

Trinity on YouTube

We’ve been able to get the same “handle” on YouTube as we have on the rest of our social media accounts, and that’s @trinitylimerock.  By all means take a look at our YouTube presence — literally hundreds of videos including videos of the kids in performance, worship services through COVID and since, videos about other things we’ve done at Trinity — there’s something for (nearly) everyone there!    Have a look at our YouTube presence!  And when you’re there, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

 Trinity on Instagram

Trinity has a significant Instagram presence (especially for a church).  Our name here also is @trinitylimerock and we would be delighted if you would follow us.  On Instagram, you can find us here!  As you might expect, lots and lots of photos here as well.

Social Media – OTHERS

We  keep an eye on what is happening in the world of social media and internet ministry in general.  For example, we were previously on Twitter, but have since discontinued our presence there. But we’re always looking for other ways to communicate via social media.  We’re watching several apps at present and considering how we might make use of them at Trinity.  Got a suggestion?  Let us know what you think!

ABOUT Internet access in our buildingS

Accessing the internet is easy at Trinity.  We offer free wifi coverage (the guest wifi password is TrinityCH484) in a mesh wifi network throughout the entire building and in the area around it.  Depending on what  other wifi access you have — such as ATT or Xfinity — you may be able to access one or more of them as well via a local hotspot.  Finally, thanks to Lime Rock Park, Trinity has great cellular coverage for ATT customers and others who use their network.