Worship at Trinity May 2, 2021

Worship at Trinity – May 2, 2021

Here’s information you’ll find helpful for worship at Trinity Lime Rock on Sunday, May 2, 2021!

We are happy to welcome you, and we hope you’ll return again and again.

Sunday, May 2, The Fifth Sunday of Easter

At 9 AM there will be an in-person service in the church. Masks and social distancing are required. Please enter via the red doors in Walker Hall, pick up a bulletin, and, following the service, exit through the doors under the bell tower. Note that there is no music at this service.

Trinity’s principal Sunday service, with organ and choir, will be at 10:30 AM via YouTube
The music begins at 10:15 AM.

As usual, we wiil have our Zoom coffee hour at 11:30 AM .

The Rev. Heidi Truax, our Rector, is the Celebrant and Preacher. Music and videography are by Christine Gevert

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Here is some commentary on today’s music by our Music Director, Christine Gevert. Note that this service is the premiere of her new setting of “Wondrous Love”:

Here is the listing of the music:
Prelude: “All the ends of the world” by William Boyce (1711-1779) – Sung by Crescendo Vocal Ensemble
Gradual Hymn: God is love; His mercy brightens • Sussex
Response to Sermon: “Stay with me” by Jacques Berthier (1923–1994)
Offertory Anthem: “Wondrous Love” by Christine Gevert (b. 1964)
Doxology: “Praise God, from whom all Blessings Flow”
Holy: Santo, santo, santo, santo / Holy, holy, holy, holy (La Misa Popular Salvadoreña) by Guillermo Cuéllar (b. 1955)
Final Hymn: Love Divine • Hyfrydol
Postlude: Organ improvisation on tune • Hyfrydol

William Boyce’s music still is not heard all that much! He was musician to the English King at the Chapel Royal after Handel. Today’s prelude “All the ends of the world” is an excerpt of his longer Verse Anthem “O praise the Lord.”

I’d be curious if any of you knows the hymn tune “Sussex” – none of us in the choir did! It is a lovely and simple melody to the words “God is love” by John Bowring (1792-1872).

We have not heard or sung any Taizé music in a long time… and the short, meditative setting “Stay with me” responds to a part of Heidi’s sermon.

For many years I had thought about writing a choral arrangement on “What wonderous love is this”. The tune always moved me deeply. It is in a minor mode that many Jazz composers also favor (Dorian). My love for Renaissance music inspired the polyphonic writing, where the whole melody will be heard in long notes – much like a “cantus firmus” composition going from one voice to the other, so all four voices each feature one part.

Our final hymn, “Love Divine” features the well known and beloved tune Hyfrydol. This week I learned that the Welsh word means” delightful, agreeable, pleasing, pleasant, beautiful, fair, fine; sweet, melodious.

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Thank you for worshiping with us at Trinity Lime Rock!!

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