Photos and Videos of Trinity Lime Rock

We’re happy to bring you some photos and videos of Trinity Lime Rock.   These are really just a taste; the very best place to see photos and videos  of Trinity Lime Rock on a week-to-week, month-to-month basis is on our Facebook page   There we post  photos virtually every week, photos of all aspects of our parish life.  (While you’re there, we would be delighted if you would “like” our page, of course).

Trinity Lime Rock today

Trinity’s compound today, viewed from Dugway Road

Lots more material is available on our YouTube channel, where, not surprisingly, you’ll find videos of life at Trinity.  You’ll find additional photos (and occasional videos) on our pages about special events at Trinity and about our young people.




So, on this page you’ll see some highlights, and shortly you’ll be seeing links directly to galleries on this site (which will reduce the need to go to Facebook to see our photos).

Here’s a video of our Christmas Pageant from 2015.  This pageant, our 74th at Trinity, was particularly notable because this pageant was written, produced, directed, and acted entirely by our young people.

And here’s another recent video.  This one is of the Processional and Recessional from a recent visit to Trinity by the Dean and Congregation of Christ Church Cathedral in Hartford.  We were honored to have the Hispanic congregation of the Cathedral come out here to visit us.  It was a wonderful day!

Interior of Trinity

Interior of Trinity Lime Rock; photo courtesy of Lazlo







One more time:  be sure to check our Facebook page  for many, many more photos and videos of  Trinity Lime Rock.   There will be photo galleries here soon so you can avoid that step.  And, as well, please take a look around the rest of this website for a lot more information about us.