Photos and Videos of Trinity Lime Rock

We’re happy to bring you a few photos and videos of Trinity Lime Rock.   For several years we have posted mainly on  our Facebook page  and on Instagram, and we continue that today.  Thanks to modern technology, you can also find most of our posts on this page on our Facebook Page.

During COVID, our principal services were online.  We realized the importance of our remote parishioners and visitors, and made an investment in them by installing permanent livestreaming equipment, and now livestream our principal Sunday services and other services as well.  While you can find links to the most current services here on the website, you can see a large collection of services as Trinity on our YouTube page — just click HERE.

Each Sunday morning at 10:30 AM you can watch our main worship service HERE

Following the 10:30 service we usually have both an in-person coffee hour and a virtual coffee hour as well, using Zoom.  The best place to see photos of Trinity is weekly in our Trinity Update newsletter, but we continue to post on the Facebook page that new photos are available here, of course, (and while you’re on the Facebook page, we would be delighted if you would “like” our page, of course).

Trinity Lime Rock today

Trinity’s compound today, viewed from the larger parking lot

We don’t just do still photos of life at Trinity!  Lots more material is available on our YouTube channel, where, not surprisingly, you’ll find videos of life at Trinity.  You’ll find additional photos (and occasional videos) on our pages about special events at Trinity and about our young people.

So, on this page you’ll see some highlights!

Here’s our Palm Sunday procession from 2022:

Palm Sunday 2022

The Dove window is back! (We recently completed a massive project rehabilitating our stained glass, finishing the project two years ahead of schedule)

Here’s a video of our Christmas Pageant from 2015.  This pageant, our 74th at Trinity, was particularly notable because this pageant was written, produced, directed, and acted entirely by our young people.

In 2020, in the depths of COVID lockdown, we were afraid we would not be able to have a Christmas Pageant at all! But three sisters who liked to sign harmony in the car had an idea.  You can see how it came to fruition HERE.

Our Sunday School is working on a Biblical timeline — and here’s one of the young people hard at work on it:

Here’s another recent video.  This one is of the Processional and Recessional from a recent visit to Trinity by the Dean and Congregation of Christ Church Cathedral in Hartford.  We were honored to have the Hispanic congregation of the Cathedral come out here to visit us.  It was a wonderful day!

Interior of Trinity

Interior of Trinity Lime Rock; photo courtesy of Lazlo

One more time:  be sure to check our Facebook page  for many, many more photos and videos of  Trinity Lime Rock.   And check the recently posted photo galleries in the column on your right.  And, as well, please take a look around the rest of this website for a lot more information about us.

You can also view our Instagram account to see what’s going on.  Our Instagram name, not surprisingly, is @trinitylimerock.