Where We Are

Trinity Lime Rock is physically located in Connecticut’s Northwest Corner (Massachusetts and New York State are close neighbors) — in the Township of Salisbury, CT (just over the town line from Falls Village, just up the road from Cornwall, and just up a different road from Sharon), in Litchfield County.  Trinity Lime Rock is located at 484 Lime Rock Road (Route 112), opposite the outfield entrance of Lime Rock Park, in the Lime Rock neighborhood of Lakeville, Connecticut.  We’re a little over three miles down Lime Rock Road from Hotchkiss School, a bit farther down a different road from Salisbury School, and five or six miles from Indian Mountain School,  Housatonic Valley Regional High School is about a mile away.  You can find additional contact information here.

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A little bit closer up, thanks to Brian Wilcox, here’s a view:

That’s our PHYSICAL location — but our Far-flung Flock (what others might call a “virtual congregation”) spans a number of US states and a few other nations as well.  Please click this button to learn more about our Far-flung Flock:   

(scroll on down for more information about matters of interest to our physical location — things like parking, how to get here, and how to navigate the building.)

Here’s a video to show you around once you get here:

The rural hamlet of Lime Rock, Connecticut  is served by the Post Offices of both Lakeville and Falls Village, CT.  However, we’re located in the Township of Salisbury, CT. (Yes, we know.  With all these different names for the same place it can get confusing.  But we do things that way here in rural NW CT.)

About Parking:

We have  abundant and convenient off-street parking  in our parking lots and in our Trinity Field, with several marked handicapped spaces close to the building.  Regardless of the season, there’s never a problem finding a convenient place to park right on the grounds at Trinity Lime Rock!

Trinity Lime Rock’s building is handicapped-accessible.  (If you’re visiting and use a wheelchair or walker, please enter through the red doors in Walker Hall, near the handicapped parking spaces.)

Who attends Trinity?  See a page about where Trinity parishioners live.

Driving directions to Trinity:

–From US Route 7 in Connecticut or Massachusetts, turn onto Route 112 (The intersection is just south of Falls Village, CT and the traffic light at the Housatonic Valley Regional High School,  and just a few miles north of West Cornwall and the famous covered bridge over the Housatonic River).  If you’re headed north on Route 7, you’ll turn left into Route 112, and if you’re heading south, you’ll make a right turn — right after the bridge where Route 7 crosses the Housatonic River.  As soon as you turn into Route 112, you’ll pass the Inn at White Hollow Farm on your right, and you’ll see us on your right at the corner of Dugway Road a mile or so later.  Lime Rock Park will be on your left.  We’re hard to miss! (Turn into Dugway Road and then immediately turn left into our parking lots.)

–From US Route 22 or  US Route 44 in Millerton, NY, drive east on Route 44 into Connecticut, toward Lakeville and Salisbury.  A mile or two into Connecticut, before you actually reach the village of Lakeville, turn right onto Route 112.  It’s the first right turn in the state!  You’ll pass the Town Hill Campus of Indian Mountain School on your right, then the Interlaken Inn and Conference Center, then the Hotchkiss School, and you’ll cross Route 41 at a four-way stop with a blinker light.  Drive through some lovely country, with horse farms on both sides of the road, and down the long hill into historic Lime Rock village, crossing the Salmon Kill.  When Lime Rock Park appears on your right, (we’re directly opposite the Outfield Entrance) and the Lime Rock Cemetery is directly ahead of you, we’re there on your left.  (Turn into Dugway Road — between the Church and the Cemetery and then immediately left into either of our parking lots.)

–From Connecticut Route 41 in Salisbury or Lakeville or Egremont, MA, drive south toward Sharon.  You’ll pass the entrance to the Wake Robin Inn, and then you’ll be on the Hotchkiss campus.  Turn left onto Route 112  at the blinker at the Hotchkiss School four corners (between Lakeville and Sharon).  Follow the directions from the Hotchkiss School above.

–From Connecticut Route 41 in Sharon, drive north toward Lakeville and Salisbury, and turn right onto Route 112  at the blinking light at the Hotchkiss School four corners (between Lakeville and Sharon).  Follow the directions from the Hotchkiss School above.

Curious about the Far-flung Flock?