Sunday, January 21 at Trinity Lime Rock

This Sunday, January 21, 2024 at Trinity Lime Rock

All Are Welcome At Trinity Lime Rock!

Today is Trinity’s Annual Meeting

8 AM: Holy Eucharist (no music at this service)

9 AM:  Sunday School

10:30 AM:  Holy Eucharist with music

You can download the bulletin for this service HERE 

You can view this service on your personal computer, tablet, smart TV, or cellphone. Just click this link:

Or, click the “View Trinity’s livestream” button to view this service.


11:30 AM:  Trinity’s coffee hour and potluck lunch  —  online connection via Zoom for the Annual Meeting will be available around this time
Sign into Meeting ID: 874 0631 7445; password: 018684

TRINITY’S ANNUAL MEETING is in person and via Zoom. 


–Please access the Annual Meeting via the Zoom link.  Access to the Annual Meeting is NOT available via the livestream link. 

–If you have not already downloaded the Annual Report, it is on our website.  Please CLICK HERE to go directly to the Annual Meeting page of the website to download it.  You can also access the Zoom link from that page.


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Sunday, January 22 at Trinity Lime Rock

This Sunday, January 22, 2022, at Trinity Lime Rock, is the  Third Sunday after the Epiphany..

8 AM: Holy Eucharist (no music at this service)

9 AM: Sunday School for young people, conducted by the Rector

10:30 AM: Holy Eucharist with choir. 

The bulletin for this service is HERE.

This service will be livestreamed.

Following the 10:30 AM service we will have a pot luck lunch during the usual coffee hour time, and transition into our annual meeting at noon.  Both the coffee hour and the annual meeting will be hybrid and can be found at the following Zoom link, which will be active at about 11:30 AM:
Sign into Meeting ID: 874 0631 7445; password: 018684

You will want to download the annual report before the annual meeting.  To do so, go to the page where we keep the annual reports and download the report for 2022.  It’s HERE.


Trinity’s Annual Meeting

Trinity’s Annual Meeting for the year 2021 will be held on Sunday, January 23, 2022, at noon, via Zoom.

The Annual Report for 2021 can be found on the Annual Reports page, and instructions for joining the meeting can be found on the Zoom links page.

We hope to keep the meeting to an hour. The agenda includes election of Wardens, Clerk, Treasurer, Vestry, and Delegates to Convention. Brief report from outgoing officers and committee heads will follow, followed in turn by Old Business (of which none is currently known) and New Business, which will include some minor adjustments to the bylaws.

To keep the meeting moving along, reports will be limited to five minutes each. General housekeeping practices are that all participants will be muted except when speaking. Please raise your Zoom hand to request recognition to speak (and to vote, of course). For those unfamiliar with doing these things on Zoom, please join a few minutes early and we will help you learn how.

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting!


Worship and Annual Meeting at Trinity

Worship and Annual Meeting at Trinity Sunday January 24, 2021

Here’s information you’ll find helpful for worship on Sunday January 24, 2021 at Trinity Lime Rock! This is the Third Sunday after the Epiphany. We are happy to welcome you, and we hope you’ll return again and again.

Our 9 AM Holy Eucharist

Due to the level of COVID-19 infections in our area, we are not currently holding in-person services at Trinity Lime Rock.

10:30 Spiritual Eucharist

We are making the 10:30 AM Spiritual Eucharist available here on our website as well as on our YouTube channel. At around 10:20 AM (and afterwards, of course) join us for worship right here:

The Rev. Heidi Truax, our Rector, is the Celebrant. Music and videography are by Christine Gevert

The Sunday Bulletin is available for viewing online. Simply CLICK HERE

If you are moved to donate, our Donations and Stewardship page offers a variety of ways you can do so, including PayPal. Simply click HERE to go to that page.

You can read Pastor Heidi’s sermon. Simply CLICK HERE

The links will remain live indefinitely.

Past online Trinity Lime Rock services are also available in our YouTube channel. Simply CLICK HERE You may need to select “VIDEOS” at the top of the page to see some past services that were livestreamed. While you are there, please ‘SUBSCRIBE” to our YouTube channel — that way you will be automatically reminded of online services and won’t have to wait for your weekly e-mail alert.

Thank you for worshiping with us at Trinity Lime Rock!!

About the Annual Meeting:

Coffee hour will begin at 11:30 via Zoom. At noon, at the same Zoom address (everyone may stay logged in) the Annual Meeting will begin. We anticipated it will last an hour or less. The Annual Report is available elsewhere on this website. Since it is our practice to distribute financials to those who attend the annual meeting, those who responded to the e-mail invitation sent to voting members will receive their copy via e-mail. Please contact the Verger if you attend and do not receive your copy.


Annual Report for 2020

Trinity Lime Rock’s Annual Report for 2020 is now available for download.

Please CLICK HERE to download the Annual Report for 2020 in PDF format.

Our annual meeting will take place at noon on Sunday, January 24, 2020, via Zoom. Logon credentials will appear in the Trinity Update’s Wednesday and Sunday morning issues.

Customarily we distribute the financial portion of the annual report to voting members who attend the annual meeting. An e-mail invitation was sent on January 19 to voting members of the parish. If you did not receive your invitation, please e-mail

It’s been a surprisingly successful year for Trinity, COVID-19 notwithstanding! Enjoy reading about it in the annual report — and see you at the meeting!

Trinity Lime Rock

Trinity Lime Rock


Annual Report for 2019

Download the Annual Report for 2019 (to be presented at the Annual Meeting of the Parish on January 19, 2020 (snow date January 26) in Walker Hall at Trinity Lime Rock. As has been our practice, the detailed financial reports will be distributed in paper form at the meeting itself and are not included in this package.


It is wasteful of resources and harmful to the environment if we were to print copies for everyone of this annual report (25 pages long!) and for those reasons we ask that you follow the meeting on your personal electronic device. While we will have a few printed copies at the meeting for those who do not have cellphones or tablets, your cooperation will help both the parish budget and the environment.

It’s a good idea to download the Annual Report for 2019 at home, since the wireless network at Trinity is probably going to be fairly busy the morning of the meeting.

Thank for for your cooperation!

Annual Meeting 2019
We’ll be having a different table set-up this year!!

Photos from January 20

In view of the weather, it’s a little bit of a surprise that we actually have photos from January 20 to offer here. However, Trinity Lime Rock has a pretty stalwart congregation!

The weather was absolutely miserable, and the roads were somewhere between poor and terrible due to the snow and ice. As a result, the 10:30 AM service opened with a congregation that was, uummm, sparse. However, latecomers drifted in and things got a lot better as the day went on.

And we held our Annual Meeting and pot luck lunch as scheduled.