Adult Education

Christian Education for Adults

We normally have a number of adult education programs.  We also participate in — and occasionally lead — adult education programs undertaken by neighboring parishes.

What’s  going on right now?

Adult Education on Sunday mornings:

During the most recent months, Pastor Heidi has been leading a class on topics related to the Bible beginning at 8:45 AM (following the 8 AM service) and ending by 9:45 AM.  The subject matter tends to change each six to eight weeks, so if you find the current topic to be less than interesting, perhaps the next one will be.

The class, which ranges on any given Sunday morning from three or four to an occasional dozen or more, meets in the Guild Room.  Enter Trinity through the red doors and you’ll hear them in session.  Simply walk in and join them!  You will be very welcome.

What’s upcoming?

The schedule changes and the subject matter changes as well in the Sunday morning class.  Occasionally other adult ed events occur as well.  The best way to ensure that you don’t miss any is to subscribe to our weekly e-mail newsletter, the Trinity Update.  You can unsubscribe anytime, and there’s no obligation.  Interested?  Visit our Trinity Update subscription page.