Young People

At Trinity we value our young people, we cherish them, and we nurture them.

In recent weeks, Sunday attendance of young people (defined as birth to age 18) has averaged between six and  twelve, which is a large youth program for a small rural church in New England these days.  The relatively small number has an advantage:  we know all of our young people as individuals, we know their families, and we support them in their lives of faith, and, where we can, in their lives outside Trinity as well.

Recently, much of their effort was devoted to preparing for the official visit of the Bishop in early December, and for the 76th Christmas Pageant at acolytes at Triity

Above are our two of our newer acolytes on a recent Youth Sunday at Trinity.  They will supplement a larger corps of acolytes, some of whom have been service since they were these girls’ age:

Acolytes at Trinity

Another recent emphasis has been on helping others in our community.  Toward that end, the young people each year select an organization to be an outreach partner.  They collect money to support the activity via monthly Thank Offerings and by selling Christmas decorations at the Christmas Bazaar, and frequently they personally serve in it.

Last year, their partner was the Refugee Program at St. Mary’s Church.  In addition to the financial donation, one girl tutored one of the Syrian girls in reading during the winter months.

This year, the young people have chosen The Little Guild, an animal shelter in West Cornwall, as their outreach partner.  They have already had a training session and have spent three sessions working with the animals there to socialize them and improve their adoptability.

at Little Guild

Other young people at Trinity have recently been involved in Confirmation Class, and two were confirmed when the Bishop visited us.

Confirmation at Trinity Lime Rock

Following the Bishop’s visit, the young people prepared Trinity’s 75th anniversary Christmas Pageant, which was presented on the third Sunday of Advent.   The first Christmas Pageant at Trinity was held in 1942!

Christmas Pageant

Once the new year begins, a major project is in the works — this one involves creating a video about serving God in our own community.  (you can see some of our past videos later on this page.)

Next summer, of course, they will, as they have for the past decade, enjoy Summer Sports.

Summer Sports

Summer Sports croquet match

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth a thousand pictures.  So, here are five videos of Trinity’s young people in recent years.


We predict that you’ve never seen anything like this in church!

The young people studied the activities of the Apostles following the Resurrection and in the early days of the church.  Here was the video they produced as part of that study.

Christmas Pageants at Trinity date back to 1942 — the dark days of World War II.  This particular pageant was written, directed, and acted entirely by our young people.

The Congregation of Christ Church Cathedral in Hartford traveled by bus to Trinity Lime Rock for a Sunday.  Here are the processional and recessional from that day — and you’ll see Trinity kids as well as young people from the Cathedral in the procession.

Here was one of the earlier video efforts by our young people, superimposing a “60 Minutes” format on two Bible stories.  Enjoy!!

For our Young People:  our program

We have “one room schoolhouse”-style Sunday School for young people each Sunday morning at 10:30 AM.  One Sunday each month our young people take over running the 10:30 AM Holy Eucharist and perform all the roles they’re liturgically permitted.  During the summer months, beginning Memorial Day weekend, the class enjoys summer sports in our courtyard and Trinity Field during class time.

The recent Confirmation Class met Wednesday evenings at 6 PM.  We adjust the hours of the class to fit the schedules of each class as it comes.

By the way, you should know that we take the safety of our young people very seriously, and closely adhere to the Safe Church policies of the Diocese of Connecticut.  Ask to see a copy when you come by, or you can download a copy from the Diocese of Connecticut website!