Sermon for March 26

Here’s Pastor Heidi’s sermon for March 26, the fourth Sunday in Lent.

lent4a-trust psalm 23

This is also known as “Mothering Sunday” — marked by the appearance on the altar of the only altar flowers we see during Lent.   Those who attended coffee hour today also had an opportunity to enjoy some traditional Simnel Cake — traditionally served this Sunday.

It was a Young People’s Sunday as well, so our readers and our second chalicist were all young people — and they provided us with acolytes as well.


Lenten Luncheons

Part of our observance of Lent at Trinity has been for several years the custom of Lenten Luncheons.  We share these with other area houses of worship, rotating the luncheons between them.

Each consists of a short (around 15 minutes) worship service, followed by a simple lunch of soup and bread.  If you are on a lunch hour, you can generally attend and not miss any work time.  And, as well as a Lenten observance, these lunches are a wonderful way to meet observant people from other area congregations.

Here’s the schedule for 2016:

Lenten Luncheons

Observe Lent with luncheons at area churches