What should I wear

What should I wear….

“I’ve never seen a page like this on a church website, but it’s a good idea!”

Several people have mentioned that before their first visit to most churches they ask themselves “What should I wear?”  If this question occurs to you before your first visit to Trinity for a church service, we hope you’ll find this information helpful.

At many churches, how other people are dressed seems to be considered very important, but we try not to pay much attention to it at Trinity.

Looking around the Trinity congregation on any particular Sunday, you are apt to see people dressed many ways, ranging from suits with white shirts and neckties at one extreme, to jeans or shorts and tee-shirts at the other.

You might think that this sounds like a recipe for a social disaster, but at Trinity it doesn’t work that way.  What is right for you is right for us.

* Some people feel more comfortable going to church a little bit “dressed up” — and, if this sounds like you, then we encourage you to dress up when you come to Trinity.  You won’t be alone!

* If you feel better wearing “corporate casual” or “country casual” you will probably find that you are dressed like many of the people in our congregation.

* And if you’re more comfortable in jeans, you can be pretty much assured that there will be other people in the congregation who feel — and dress — exactly the same way.

Seasonal attire?  Practical clothes?  Well, during the summer, you might see our young people trooping into Holy Eucharist straight from the soccer field, cleats and all, or in costume if they’ve been shooting a video, or very casually dressed if they’re prepared to have a water fight after church.  During the summer, we also welcome folks who are camping in tents in the Infield across the street at Lime Rock Park — and very few people bring “church clothes” when they go tent camping.

We also have visitors who are hikers on the Appalachian Trail (which runs within half a mile of our building — and occasionally, detours right next to it) and bicyclists who are touring the Housatonic River valley.  Not many traditional “church clothes” in these populations, either!

During mud season (everyone in the Northwest Corner knows when it’s mud season) mud boots are certainly de rigeur for everyone.

And during the winter, needless to say we expect everyone to dress warmly.

At Trinity we’re far more interested in what’s in your heart than what’s on your back.

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