Pastor Heidi’s Sermon for June 14

June 14, 2020

We are happy to bring you Pastor Heidi’s sermon for Sunday, June 7, 2020, the the Second Sunday after Pentecost. Please click below to read it:

Pastor Heidi’s Sermon for June 14

The service begins at 10:25 AM, when the link (below) to the video will go live. Only after that time does it become a valid url.

At 10:25 AM, with a couple of seconds of silence, the prelude begins. This week it is part 1 of a “Miserere” by Manuel de Sumaya, a Mexican Baroque composer. The setting alternates Gregorian chant and polyphony.

Thank you as always to the musicians who participated by remotely recording!

Here is the link.

If you would like to view the service, including all the music, afterward, the link will remain live indefinitely.