Bulletin for Sunday, May 5

Here’s the Bulletin for Sunday, May 5 at Trinity Lime Rock

Liturgically, this will be the third Sunday of Easter.

People sometimes ask whether we use the same bulletin for both the 8 AM and the 10:30 AM services. The answer is that on most Sundays we do. The exceptions are major Feast Days, when each service normally has its own separate bulletin prepared.

Bulletin for Sunday, May 5
Young people presenting the Offering

Bulletin for December 2

Here’s the bulletin for December 2 — the first Sunday of Advent — at Trinity Lime Rock!

To view it, simply


If you wish, you will also be able to follow the service using your personal electronic device!  (yes, of course we will have a paper copy of the bulletin waiting for you when you arrive — this online copy is simply here as an extra convenience!)

Here’s a photo of one of the readers from last Sunday

Bulletin for July 22

Here’s the bulletin for July 22 2018 at Trinity Lime Rock!

We invite you to download it at home — for example, you may want to read the lessons for the day — or at Trinity, in case you prefer to follow the service on your personal electronic device instead of a paper bulletin.

07-22-2018 9 Pentecost

Bulletin for July 22

A week ago we had some rain Saturday night, which left puddles here and there on Sunday morning. This puddle was a big favorite!

Bulletin for July 15

Here’s the bulletin for July 15, 2018 at Trinity Lime Rock!

Since Pastor Heidi is at Camp Washington as Chaplain this week, we are having Morning Prayer.  The 10:30 AM service will be led by Danielle Gaherty, and Roy Bickley will be the homilist.

Please click below to download the bulletin:

07-15-2018 8 Pentecost MP

Bulletin for July 15

A measurement during the young people’s bocce last Sunday

Trinity Times for July and August

The Trinity Times for July and August is now available.  You can pick up a paper copy at Trinity, or download it here (we recommend the download because it saves on paper and copying costs, and you can get it and read it right now, but whichever works for you works for us!)


People occasionally ask why we have a weekly e-mail newsletter, the Trinity Update, and the Trinity Times too.  (by the way, you can sign up to receive the Trinity Update each Wednesday if you wish by going  HERE— and you don’t need to be a Trinity parishioner to receive it) but the answer is that the format of the Trinity Update is too brief to be able to convey much information besides who/what/when and where — there’s very little room for  “how” or “why”.  The Trinity Times covers things in more depth and hopefully answers these important questions.

Trinity Times for July and August

One topic you’re read about in this issue of the Trinity Times is our backpack project. This photo is from 2014, showing the ingathering of the backpacks

Bulletin for July 1

Here’s the Sunday bulletin for July 1 at Trinity Lime Rock!  Simply click below to download it.

07-01-2018 6 Pentecost

If you would like, download it to your personal electronic device and follow the service on your device instead of a paper bulletin.

We look forward to seeing you at Trinity on Sunday!

Bulletin for July 1

We expect that the young people will again be in the courtyard playing bocce during summer sports.


Bulletin for June 24

Here’s your bulletin for June 24 at Trinity Lime Rock!

Just click below to download it:

06-24-2018 bulletin HE3

Note that the entire service appears in the bulletin, so you may need to page back and forth in order to follow it.  You may want to review it before you come to church on Sunday, or you may choose to follow the service from your personal electronic device instead of the paper bulletin the ushers will hand you.

The Rev. John Carter, our Missioner, will be the preacher and celebrant at both the 8 AM and 10:30 AM services.  The 8:45 AM Adult Education class will NOT meet tomorrow.  Young people will meet at 10:30 AM for Summer Sports in the courtyard and join the service in progress at the Peace.

Bulletin for June 24

Here’s a photo from last Sunday, which was the Youth Sunday for June. Youth Sundays will resume in September, and the young people will be enjoying Summer Sports during he usual Sunday School time this summer.