Sermon for April 8

Here’s Pastor Heidi’s sermon from April 8 — the second Sunday of Easter, and generally considered “Low Sunday” due to its position following Easter Sunday, the biggest celebration in the church year.

04-08-2018easter2b-back home

While Easter Sunday was a great one at Trinity, Low Sunday wasn’t so low either!  Here’s the choir from Low Sunday, as an example:

Sermon for April 8

You can see lots of photos of Low Sunday on our Facebook page — right HERE


Sermon for February 4

Here’s Pastor Heidi’s sermon for February 4 in case you missed it or would like to review the points she made:

sermon for February 4

In this sermon, Pastor Heidi discusses something that’s suddenly become a seemingly regular occurrence as we have lost people in our parish and our friends in the community.

Pastor Heidi in the pulpit on February 4