Two Sermons!

Usually we don’t post more than one sermon per week, but this week we are catching up so today we have two!

Here’s the first, from September 29, 2019, the Sunday of Crop Walk

And here’s the second one! This was a short homily from the Sunday when we celebrated the feast of St. Francis with a blessing of the animals.

Two sermons!
The Feast of St. Francis

August 4 2019 photos and sermons

Here are some August 4 2019 photos and sermons! We missed last week, so we are bringing you Pastor Heidi’s sermon from then, as well as her very well-received sermon from this Sunday, August 4.

Here are the sermons:

And, of course, a few photos from this Sunday.

June 23, 2019

Here are a few photos and the sermon from Sunday, June 23, 2019 at Trinity Lime Rock.

A few explanatory words: it was June, and two of our steadfast young people have graduated from high school and are off to college. In their honor, the first photo shown is that of Eleanore and Helen nearly ten years ago, right here at Trinity. To them both: Thanks and Godspeed! The last photo is the phasing plan for the stained glass repair project currently underway at Trinity. Several people have asked about it.

We are also happy to bring you Pastor Heidi’s sermon from Sunday, June 23, 2019.

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Trinity Sunday 2019

Here are some photos — and the homily — from Trinity Sunday 2019. Trinity Lime Rock celebrates Trinity Sunday as our official birthday as a parish. This was a busy birthday!

Just a few notes on the photos. Thanks to Linda Lloyd for the photo of Jane Tuttle. Jane was celebrating her 90+ birthday by riding in a Maserati. She’s our resident parishioner in North Carolina. As well, thanks to Allen Berrien for the photo of Fred Shay of Stained Glass Resources. His firm that is repairing out altar window. Following that, The Berkshire Children’s Chorus is pictured in their Spring Concert at Hevreh of Southern Berkshire, in Great Barrington. (Can you spot the three Trinity young people?)

We’re trying something new this week: including the homily with the photos, all on one post! Without further ado, here is Pastor Heidi’s brief homily (brief to allow time for Fred to talk to us and still get everyone to the picnic!