Rota for 2nd Quarter 2019

Here’s the rota for 2nd quarter 2019 at Trinity Lime Rock.

The rota, of course, is the week-by-week listing of who does what at Trinity. Ushers, readers, flower arrangers, Ministers of Communion, Sunday School support, hospitality teams, Altar Guild members, even the people who count the collection depend on this rota to know when they are to serve and with whom.

To download the rota for 2nd quarter 2019, simply click below. Prefer to pick up a printed copy? They will be available shortly at Trinity.

And thank you for all that you do for Trinity!

Rota for 2nd quarter 2019
At the altar

Trinity Times for January

We’re a couple of days late in getting this to you, but here is the Trinity Times for January. It, of course, is the monthly e-mail newsletter for Trinity Lime Rock.

It is Annual Meeting month, and the first month of a new calendar year. Have a look at what is getting ready to happen, and some thoughts about how we can help.

To view the Trinity Times for January, just click the download button!

Trinity Times for January
Two of our little angels following the Christmas Pageant.

Christmas Eve Photos

Always a high point of the church year, Christmas Eve this year was especially memorable at Trinity, and here are some Christmas Eve Photos to remember those times by. Services were held at 3 and 4 PM (actually, the later service began a bit late), with a magnificent choral interlude between the two services. In addition, there was a service in Spanish at 7 PM.

Here are a few Christmas Eve Photos from the first two services:

We were also able to livestream a portion of the choral interlude, and you can hear this excerpt, as well as the offertory anthem from the later service, on our Facebook page. While you are there, look around! Lots of photos and other news about Trinity Lime Rock.

Christmas Pageant Photos

While Christmas Pageant photos at many churches have a certain sameness about them — and that’s good! — at Trinity our Christmas Pageants change from year to year. It depends, of course, on the current supply of young people, as well as their availability for a series of rehearsals. The more availability, the more rehearsals, and the more conventional the pageant, or so it seems.

This year our pageant was just a tad unconventional — due largely to conflicting schedules — but out of it came a Christmas Pageant that was in many ways beautiful. Here are a few photos of it, of the Advent IV Holy Eucharist that included it, and of the Greening of the Church that followed it.

We hope you enjoy them!

Photos from December 16

Bulletin for December 2

Here’s the bulletin for December 2 — the first Sunday of Advent — at Trinity Lime Rock!

To view it, simply


If you wish, you will also be able to follow the service using your personal electronic device!  (yes, of course we will have a paper copy of the bulletin waiting for you when you arrive — this online copy is simply here as an extra convenience!)

Here’s a photo of one of the readers from last Sunday

Bulletin for July 15

Here’s the bulletin for July 15, 2018 at Trinity Lime Rock!

Since Pastor Heidi is at Camp Washington as Chaplain this week, we are having Morning Prayer.  The 10:30 AM service will be led by Danielle Gaherty, and Roy Bickley will be the homilist.

Please click below to download the bulletin:

07-15-2018 8 Pentecost MP

Bulletin for July 15

A measurement during the young people’s bocce last Sunday

Sermon for April 8

Here’s Pastor Heidi’s sermon from April 8 — the second Sunday of Easter, and generally considered “Low Sunday” due to its position following Easter Sunday, the biggest celebration in the church year.

04-08-2018easter2b-back home

While Easter Sunday was a great one at Trinity, Low Sunday wasn’t so low either!  Here’s the choir from Low Sunday, as an example:

Sermon for April 8

You can see lots of photos of Low Sunday on our Facebook page — right HERE