Flowers for the Altar

Flowers for the Altar are an institution at Trinity, as they are at most churches. At Trinity, we invite parishioners and others to dedicate the flowers for a particular Sunday to the memory of someone who has passed, or in honor of someone, or to commemorate a special event.

Although it’s not necessary, people usually make a donation toward the cost of the flowers.

If you would like to have the altar flowers dedicated for a particular Sunday, this chart is the place to get started.
Flower Chart

During normal times, this chart resides on a bulletin board in Walker Hall for people to write in the Sunday for which they want commemorative flowers. But these are not ordinary times! While we are worshiping remotely, Pastor Heidi will be maintaining the flower chart in her office, and, if you wish to sign up, you can simply contact her and tell her the Sunday you wish. If it’s free, and if it’s not one of those Sundays when we do not have flowers (the season of Lent and Advent) she will fill in your name. You can donate via PayPal (write “Flowers” on the memo line), or send in a check (and, again, write “Flowers” on the memo line).

As you can see, Sundays in 2021 are beginning to be claimed. As you claim Sundays, we’ll update the chart.

People ask: How much do most people donate when they have flowers for a Sunday? The answer is that there is no fixed amount. Most Sundays the flowers actually cost around $50, so that may help you decide how much. But you do not need to donate anything if it’s not something you’re currently able to do. And if you can provide more than $50, it helps cover costs of Sundays when we have no donor, and also the decorations for Christmas, Easter, and All Saints Day.

We will be updating this chart frequently.

And thanks for your interest!