Worship at Trinity July 25, 2021

Worship at Trinity July 25, 2021

The Ninth Sunday after Pentecost

Here’s information you’ll find helpful for worship at Trinity Lime Rock on Sunday, July 25, 2021!

We are happy to welcome you, and we hope you’ll return again and again.

There will be a Holy Eucharist at 8 AM in the church. No music at this service.

Trinity’s principal Sunday service, with organ and choir, will be at 10:30 AM in person at the church.

You can view it here:

We are hoping that our livestream vendor completes installation at Trinity soon so that we can bring you a livestream instead of an after-the-fact video, but until that happens, it is what it is!

The prelude begins several minutes before the service, so be sure to arrive a few minutes before 10:30 AM.

to view our YouTube channel at CLICK HERE

As usual, we will have our Zoom coffee hour at 11:30 AM , and we will have a small coffee hour in person in Walker Hall as well. All are invited! Please e-mail trinity@trintylimerock.org to request the Zoom logon, which also appears in our Sunday Trinity Update e-mail newsletter.

The services today will both be Holy Eucharist, with the Rev. Marilyn Anderson, our Sabbatical Supply Priest, preaching and celebrating. Music and videography are by Christine Gevert.

The bulletin for today’s Holy Eucharist is HERE

If you are moved to donate, our Donations and Stewardship page offers a variety of ways you can do so, including PayPal. Simply click HERE to go to that page.

The links will remain live indefinitely.

Past online Trinity Lime Rock services are also available in our YouTube channel. Simply CLICK HERE You may need to select “VIDEOS” at the top of the page to see some past services that were livestreamed. While you are there, please ‘SUBSCRIBE” to our YouTube channel — that way you will be automatically reminded of online services and won’t have to wait for your weekly e-mail alert. And don’t hesitate to “Like” the video as well!!

Thank you for worshiping with us at Trinity Lime Rock!!

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