News about the Trinity Update

Unfortunately, the outside mailing house that distributes our weekly Trinity Update e-mail newsletter is having serious — SERIOUS — problems and cannot estimate a restoration date.

Accordingly, our usual Wednesday Trinity Update didn’t go out. And furthermore, we don’t know when it will go out!

We do try to ensure that most information in the Trinity Update can also be found here on the website or on one of the other web services we use.

Tomorrow — Thursday, February 24 — Bible Study will take place via Zoom at 12:30 PM. If you don’t have the link for it, you can find it on our Zoom page

Most other information can be found on our WHERE IS IT? page

We regret the problem this vendor is having, and we hope they are able to restore service soon. Thank you for your patience.


Palm Sunday, April 5, 2020 at Trinity Lime Rock

Palm Sunday 2020 at Trinity was, well — different!!   A wonderful virtual service, and one well worth viewing again, it incorporated the efforts of Pastor Heidi, Christine, Gordon, Linda, and a dozen readers of the Passion Gospel, who contributed their part via Zoom.

To view the service as the world saw it via the internet, simply click HERE

Palm Sunday 2020

Pastor Heidi blessing the palms at Trinity on Palm Sunday 2020


You can also read Pastor Heidi’s sermon:  just click 04-05-2020-Palm Sunday 2020

While our Holy Week will include the Way of the Cross at noon on Friday, via Facebook Live and our Facebook Page, the highlight, of course, will be EASTER!  View our Easter service, again via our Facebook Page, at 10:30 AM on Sunday, April 12.







Feed a Family of Four for a day

Planning what to bring to Trinity on Sunday, November 17, for the Feed a Family of Four for a day food drive? Here’s a sample menu:


1 large can fruit juice (not fruit drink)

1 box pancake mix or 1 box oatmeal or 1 box low fat, low sugar cold cereal or granola

1 box powdered milk

1 small box teabags or 1 small jar instant coffee

1 box cocoa mix

1 jar jam or marmalade


2 packages macaroni & cheese or 2 cans condensed soup or 2 cans tuna fish or 1 jar peanut butter & 1 jar jelly

1 large can fruit


1 large can spaghetti & meatballs or 1 box pasta & 1 jar marinara sauce or 2 cans beef stew & 1 small box rice

1 large can vegetables

1 large jar applesauce or fruit


Some important information: NO, you do NOT need to bring everything on the menu! ANY food contributions, including things not on the menu, are welcome and will be put to good use by the food pantry.


Rector’s Letter – October 2019

As Alexis Dorf, who has produced our Trinity Times for literally decades, retires to New Hampshire, we are initiating a new communications vehicle called the Rector’s Letter — and here is Volume 1. Number 1 — the Rector’s Letter for October 2019.

You can also find a copy on Facebook — where we are Trinitylimerock — or in paper form at Trinity.


Photos from August 11, etc.

We’ve been posting photos, Sunday by Sunday, here on our website recently. Going forward, it looks like the sensible thing to do would be to revert to our previous practice of posting them to the Facebook Page

for a variety of reasons, including ease, flexibility, interactivity, and not the least, saving space here on our website!

We would also like to consider posting them to our Facebook Group,

What’s the difference, you might ask.

Simply, it’s this: pages are public while groups don’t have to be. While the Trinity Lime Rock group is currently a so-called “open group” (anyone can join) we also have the capability of restricting viewership at some point in the future if it seems appropriate. In this day and age, perhaps it’s a worthwhile option to have.

Anyway, the photos from August 11 will very shortly be on the Facebook page, and we will experiment in putting a few of them on the Facbook group as well. Check both places out! And “Like” the page, and “Join” the group while you’re at it!

Already complete is a major cleanup of the website, where material more than a few months old was removed from the “posts” section, and we bet that you didn’t even notice!

There were two major events on August 11 at Trinity that we should draw your attention to. First, the blessing of the backpacks collected by the congregation for the children at North Canaan Elementary School. Second, a super choir that provided us with “Universsi qui te exspectant” (MH 442) by Johann Michael Hayden (1737-1806) for an Offertory anthem, and “Audivi vocem de caelo”, by Thomas Tallis (c. 1505-1585) for a Communion anthem.

The young people were presented with a choice between soccer and badminton today, and badminton won!

As noted, find photos on our page!


Annual Report for 2017

Trinity’s Annual Report for 2017 is now ready for download.

Please click here to download it:

 Annual Report 2018

This is the report for the year just completed, and is the agenda and basis for discussion at the parish Annual Meeting, which will be held Sunday, January 21, 2018 following a potluck lunch after the 10:30 AM Holy Eucharist.

If you are coming to the meeting — and we encourage all members, including young people, to attend, please download a copy of the Annual Report to your personal electronic device to refer to during the meeting.  While we will print a limited number of copies, significant copying expense is saved if parishioners “bring their own”.

If you wish, you may download the annual report at Trinity, but we encourage prior downloading, both so you can read it over at your leisure, and to avoid overtaxing the parish wifi.

As is our practice, the financial reports are distributed at the meeting in paper form.

Reading the annual report is always a worthwhile experience ever if you cannot attend the meeting.  It is amazing what our small parish accomplishes!!

Last year’s Annual Meeting at Trinity Lime Rock


2015 Annual Report

The Trinity Lime Rock  Annual Report for 2015 is now ready for download.  Please click the link below to download it.


Annual Report 2016


You may want to save your annual report to your portable electronic device to refer to during the meeting itself.  Note that wifi service is now available throughout the building, and for those who use ATT wireless service, a wireless signal is also available on the premises.

For those lacking internet access, we will have a limited number of copies of the report   available at the annual meeting.   The financial reports will be distributed at the meeting.

Remember, the annual meeting is Sunday, January 24, 2016, at noon in Walker Hall.  A potluck lunch will precede the meeting.