Trinity Times for February 2019

February may be the shortest month, and it may not have any major Feasts on the liturgical calendar, but at Trinity it is one of the busier ones. Have a look at the Trinity Times for February 2019 to see what is happening this month — and what will be happening in months to come!

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Trinity Times for February
Here’s our new Vestry!

Photos from January 20

In view of the weather, it’s a little bit of a surprise that we actually have photos from January 20 to offer here. However, Trinity Lime Rock has a pretty stalwart congregation!

The weather was absolutely miserable, and the roads were somewhere between poor and terrible due to the snow and ice. As a result, the 10:30 AM service opened with a congregation that was, uummm, sparse. However, latecomers drifted in and things got a lot better as the day went on.

And we held our Annual Meeting and pot luck lunch as scheduled.

Photos from January 6

It is a new calendar year at Trinity Lime Rock, so here are some photos from January 6. It was also the Feast of the Epiphany!

Our organist and music director, Christine Gevert, was on vacation in Chile following all of the Trinity — and Crescendo — events of the Christmas season, so we were fortunate to have Henry Westmoreland, from Cornwall, with us as guest pianist.

Bulletin for February 4

Here’s the Sunday bulletin for February 4!

Print it out at home, review it before you come to church, or download it at Trinity to your personal electronic device and use it during the service.  Either is fine with us!

Bulletin for February 4

And here’s a photo Pastor Heidi took this week of Karl Saliter’s “Gratitude Cultivator”  (2005) in the snow!

Gratitude Cultivator

Gratitude Cultivator (2005) by Karl Saliter in the snow. Photo by Heidi Truax


Sunday Bulletin for January 7 2018

Here’s the Sunday Bulletin for January 7 2018 at Trinity Lime Rock!

Sunday Bulletin for January 7 2018

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You can read it at home and prepare for the service, or you can download it at Trinity and read it on your portable electronic device during the service.   (In case you’re new to Trinity, we have Holy Eucharist at 8 AM and 19:30 AM on Sundays.  There’s music at the 10:30 service, and coffee hour follows the later service — please join us!)

Below is a quick look at the Christmas altar, courtesy of Cheryl Duntz.  We will be “de-greening” the church during coffee hour — removing the Christmas decorations and getting set for the season of Epiphany — so you’re invited to join in that transformation as well.